This is My Passion

It’s Ancentus again! First of all I thank everyone who has been following this blog when it’s been up and when it’s been down. And especially those who have inspired me to resume writing. I came to the realization that I could give my story today and hopefully inspire some people. I’ll talk about how I’ve realised my passion and inner awesomeness!
Passion makes every minute of my life counted and valued. My passion is about science and technology. Something I’ve had since childhood, but which I only discovered while in high school.
I spent a quiet early high school life confused by religious beliefs, history and the existence of life in general. This did not hold me back though. Physics and Computer Studies were my favorite subjects. I focused on what I liked and it didn’t take me long to realize that I was awesome. Since then I came up with exciting challenges and goals which helped and are still helping me a lot. These include:
-typing speed challenges.
-using the computer without a mouse. Helped me achieve fast coding and debugging skills.
-writing a program every day. I am now advancing this challenge to include AI in my daily programs.
-reading tech news daily. My goal is that I be the one writing daily tech news.
I believe I have now fully realized my awesomeness; designing, writing and coding guided by three principles:
1. Sorrounding myself with encouraging people.
2. I know what I want. Money has never been my motivation. And if it was, believe me I wouldn’t be in school now. I have had poor concentration since I was young and tend to fantasize a lot when listening to a teacher. I’ve never taken that as a weakness as my imaginations and fantasy help me realize what I want. It is during such moments that I get great ideas, some realistic and others unrealistic.
3. I take my coffee seriously. Late into the night debugging code, working on a project or doing my artificial intelligence research. I try to learn something new every day and this is what is helping me develop myself and keep up with current tech trends.
Living my passion has helped me get some expertise skills up my sleeve. These include mobile, desktop and web application development, algorithm design and development as well as robotics. My first AI related program was a simple mock-up of an intelligent assistant. Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPnszq7cv7I&t=20s My first AI program was a supervised AI program simulating a soccer match, which I wrote in the Java programming language. It was a good challenge for me as I came up with ball possession and goal-scoring algorithms using simple probability. Everything comes with challenges and my biggest challenge currently is balancing what I do with my mechatronics course work. Anyway it’s all science and technology so I’ve gotta get down to it.

This is my passion. Tech is my passion.


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