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The Internet of Things Is Here

The Internet of things… sounds interesting. Smart cities, smart homes, smart cars, smart everything.

It’s estimated by 2020 there will be 50 billion objects connected to the internet.  The current internet protocol, IPV6, creates more potential addresses than there are atoms on the surface of the earth.

How it Works

  1. Sensors that transmit data are embedded in the physical things around us.
  2. This data may be processed locally in the individual devices.
  3. If the data is too large or the device is not connected on the internet, it is stored locally.
  4. The next level is networking, where the device is connected to the internet. WiFi developments are making the internet of things work better.
  5. Cloud processing with more power than local processing, where data from different sensors is processed and analyzed.
  6. And finally cloud storage where processed data is stored to be consumed and used in different applications.

As these intelligent systems of devices share data and analyze it over the cloud, they are transforming our world in countless ways.

  • monitoring the weather
  • monitoring our personal health
  • giving real time updates on where to park our cars
  • IoT on cars and streets to facilitate rush hour traffic
  • smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, smart refrigerators

Yes. The internet of things is already in effect. There are so many startups. Very many ideas and projects in our colleges and universities. Big corporations are investing billions on IoT. And I really look forward to how this could save lives, especially in health monitoring and emergency services.

IoT will come with security issues. Yes I love IoT, but this part gets me a little bit terrified. Technology that you may not even be aware of is monitoring your every move. I once made a video on this but I was threatened so I scrapped it off immediately. Anyway it’s no secret that I am an optimist.  I don’t want to talk about many DDoS attacks and creepy children toys. The internet of things can be a weapon of  mass destruction.

Later I’ll tell you how easy or hard it is to take over the world. How we can eliminate this situation where access to health depends on income, monitoring climate, technocracy and privacy, one of the big societal concerns.

Let’s talk tech!